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My name is Charles Wahlheim, and it is my life’s mission to encourage and empower individuals to take back responsibility for their health and naturally reverse disease.

Charles Wahlheim Leading Health and Fitness ExpertI am a health transformation expert who takes great satisfaction in helping clients to achieve optimal health, weight loss and gain victory over heart disease, high blood pressure, cancers, obesity and other chronic degenerative diseases.  


If you or a loved one have been dealing with disease, you have come to the right place. Taking responsibility and claiming your birthright to health are the first steps in the journey and the only way to truly win. I will help lead you in that process. Before we get into the details, a bit about me…

I am an academic, athlete and international model. Athletics and modeling… came relatively easy and all the fitness, training, diet tricks and nutrition I’m here to share with you, but it is my academic understanding in wellness that I’m excited to open to you as well because it will forever change your life.

The how and the why are articulated in the pages that follow but what I share is a must if you or a loved one are in need of answers. Degenerative disease has become epidemic only in the last two generations and is going from bad to worse but there are roots to it all. ‘Life is in the blood’ and knowing that foundation—that every cell has intelligence and the body is designed to heal itself, one must only create that environment to see homeostasis and healing.

KNOWLEDGE BRINGS LIFE…we are called to have life and life more abundant. My passion is to help bring your spirit alive, peace to your mind and strength to your body greater than you have ever known. My passion, personal experience and academic pursuits have been to understand human health in its entirety. The revelations I share fly counter to much of the healthcare/wellness rhetoric, ideology and so many of the cultural lies that have been so perilous to our health.

www.cwmodelhealth.comYou can be free of illness—this paradigm is simple and powerful. Complete health intrinsically ties in harmony a three strand cord of body, mind and spirit. Healing from degenerative disease and chronic illness starts not by medicating and masking but by eliminating the root cause. As stated, that ‘life is in the blood’ and that every cell has intelligence and is programmed to heal given the right environment. Knowing that we’re as healthy as our immune system and as young as our hormonal panel is foundational to taking back and claiming what is ours—a life of verve, energy, animation and wholeness.

With fitness/weight loss it’s training that ignites the endocrine/hormonal system and those stay young/strong/fat burning hormones. ‘Less is more’ when you know how the body works—it is so easy and so counter to the pushed propaganda. Exercising properly and reconnecting with the ancient truths of how to nourish our body brings life and validation is in the results. So whether wanting to reclaim your fitness and athletic body with a training program, lose weight, detox or have a complete health and lifestyle overhaul…


P.S. I’ve enclosed throughout the site some modeling campaigns of mine for such companies as Joop, Puma, Reebok, Top Professional Model, Charles Wahlheim Heineken, Daewoo, Harlequin, Bally’s, Coors, Norton Software, Reebok and many others and from magazines such as Mens Fitness, Marie Claire, Harpers Bizarre and Mens Vogue. Modeling has been a blessing, as has athletics and these pictures, if for no other reason, have been added to simple show the physical side of who I am and that I apply my own principles. This is not theory to me but rather application—it can be yours as well. A great place to start is to get my book (see merchandise pg). Pps. I’ve added a few commercial model shots to sell in no way to lessen the seriousness of my book and what we’re doing here which has always been to bring hope, truth and health to those in need but to rather say ‘thanks’ to those of you who have requested it, cheers. LOVE TO ALL

THIS IS ABOUT RAISING THE QUALITY OF LIFE—A LIFESTYLE OF HEALTH in a culture and healthcare industry geared toward something far less. It is my labor of love to help you overcome anything that stands in your way to health, strength, freedom—an abundant life. The best is ahead, I guarantee it.

God Bless,







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