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Can Deodorants Cause Breast Cancer? Philip C.

Deoderants and breast cancerAnswer: Philip, this is a very valid question, given the alarming rise in breast cancer.  My personal recommendation would be to stay free from most commercial deodorants. The number 1 cause of cancer is heavy metals and unfortunately, deodorants are loaded with aluminum. There are many lymph nodes in the armpit very close to the breast and deodorants penetrate the skin easily to access the blood—not a good thing. If using deoderant, look for an aluminum-free brand.


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Charles understands how the body works.  I’m a professional model and know his body preparation is what I needed to go to the next level.  His techniques for Body Shaping and Toningweight loss, body toning and shaping were unique to any out there today and very easy.  The result in a word, “Outstanding!”.  I highly recommend him for whatever your health issues are.” – Joseph F., Los Angeles CA

Joseph F., Los Angeles CA

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