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Health and FitnessIt must be noted that much of the wellness/healthcare/fitness paradigm that we are exposed to culturally today is generally ineffective and some of it completely counter-productive. The reason for this is that it is intrinsically designed to address symptoms and not the root. Our bodies are incredible and majestic in design by our Creator and given the right environment, will heal themselves. I tell everyone that I work with that when you understand how your body works, you can have it work for you.

In regard to the health crisis that we are facing, much of the conventional setup is in finding a cure and medicating the symptom instead of the genesis and causal factor. This model is at the expense of our health. When you eliminate the root cause, the down line medicating and masking of symptoms become mute. The reason for the current model is not that there aren’t selfless, heroic or pioneering people in the healthcare/wellness system but sadly to too large a degree the whole thing has become a business of bottom line dollars whose motives color the landscape more than it should and because of it many natural, inexpensive and quantifiable protocols can often become muted and suppressed.

The things I will share with you are ancient in their origin, fundamental and natural in their application. Here are some mission critical staples to health…

  1. Diet: knowing how to eat.
  2. Detoxifying the body because ‘life is in the blood’.
  3. Alkalinizing and oxygenating the body.
  4. De-parasitizing.
  5. Exercise… knowing how the body works and getting the best bang for time invested.
  6. The three strand cord of body, mind and spirit.

Health & Fitness: On the topic of weight loss

On the topic of weight loss, how fat cells are created and how to lose stored body fat are two different animals, both highly misunderstood culturally.

Some of the players are the insulin triggers, liver/gallbladder health, role of EFA’s, cortisol and exercise for endocrine response and to keep you young biologically. Along side all of this is the role that mind and spirit play in coordination with the physical in complete health. Body, mind and spirit are components of our three-strand cord with one never fully independent of the other.

As I’m sure you can tell already, I’m about results and not political correctness. I look forward to everyone gaining the understanding to great health and I fully encourage you all in that. We are called to have life and life more abundantly. We need to take what is rightfully ours and it starts with taking responsibility for our own health.

I love you all; the best is ahead. Feel free to share any comments/questions—Until we speak again, be blessed.

Success Stories

Weight Loss, Body Shaping & Toning Success!


Charles understands how the body works.  I’m a professional model and know his body preparation is what I needed to go to the next level.  His techniques for Body Shaping and Toningweight loss, body toning and shaping were unique to any out there today and very easy.  The result in a word, “Outstanding!”.  I highly recommend him for whatever your health issues are.” – Joseph F., Los Angeles CA

Joseph F., Los Angeles CA

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