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MYTH: Fat/oil consumption makes you fat.

LIE: High fat foods and oils create body fat. High fat foods such as whole dairy, avocados, butter, red meat, coconut oil, etc., create fat cells and should be avoided.

Essential Fatty Acids Don’t Make You Fat

Essential Fatty AcidsTRUTH: Fat has critical biological utility within the body, which is why omega 3, 6, 9 and saturated fat are called EFA’s (essential fatty acids). What is sad is that in the Western diet almost all fat/oil in processed foods has been hydrogenated (shooting hydrogen gas into the fat molecule destroying the carbon bonds) to give longer shelf live, rancidity free. These are called trans fats (dead fats) and though they serve their purpose they have no biological utility whatsoever and degrade one’s health significantly.

Now back to EFA’s… not only will they not make you fat, which is impossible due to how the body works, they are actually major players for weight loss and proper fat to muscle ratio. Fat cells are created by spikes in insulin, which is why obesity has become epidemic these last few generations in the West due to simple/striped carbs becoming the dietary staple. EFA’s do not initiate an insulin response (a very nominal one at best) therefore cannot create fat cells. Moreover, EFA’s (not trans-fats) because of their broad utility within the body for things such as hormonal health, metabolism, cell creation, etc., are critical to overall wellness. When abundant in the body, especially omega 3, 9 and the tropical oils, it accelerates and resets the body’s fat burning metabolism, helping to lose weight.

All this gets into the genetic makeup and memory of how we’re made, the whole fight or flight complex as well as the order in which food types are used for energy within the body. All this is explained within the pages of my book ‘The Truth; Claiming Your Birthright to Health’. This is very politically incorrect but one should expect nothing less when sick, obese people pay more—it benefits big Pharma, Wall Street, the food industry so they push their message—they don’t want you to know or hear the truth—it’s always about the money. All that said, if you or a loved one are battling the bondage of excess weight and confused by all the mixed messages, there is hope for once you understand how the body works, it will begin working for you.

Taking back our health, arm in arm, much love.

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Charles understands how the body works.  I’m a professional model and know his body preparation is what I needed to go to the next level.  His techniques for Body Shaping and Toningweight loss, body toning and shaping were unique to any out there today and very easy.  The result in a word, “Outstanding!”.  I highly recommend him for whatever your health issues are.” – Joseph F., Los Angeles CA

Joseph F., Los Angeles CA

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