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How To Stay Heart HealthyQuestion: Charles, I know so many who have had heart attacks early–for my health and the health of others I love, how do I stay heart healthy? Posted by –  Joseph W, Los Angeles CA

Answer: Joseph, great question about heart health. Concerning heart attacks and heart disease, prevention truly is the best medicine.  The causes of heart attacks are multi factorial. The most prevalent causes of heart degeneration leading up to a heart attack are blockages and inflammation in the vessels from plaque and other substances, such as triglycerides, sugars and cholesterols depositing within the walls of the vessels.

As the build up (stenosis) within the vessel walls increases, blood flow is decreased, leading to less oxygen, hormones and nutrients being received into the cells of the heart. This causes deterioration of the cells, which consequently, leads to impaired function of the cells, nerves and muscles of the heart, greatly increasing risk for heart attack and/or stroke.

In addition, in order to stop the damage, heavy metals have got to be removed from the body. EDTA chelation is a good start and of course sulfur based supplements (see supplement chapter in book).  Keep chlorine out of the mix—clean water is key and also, de-parasatize. Bacteria also play a role in damaging the heart, so things such as cayenne pepper, inositol, oregano oil and hyperbaric oxygen chambers amongst other things can help in lowering the bacterial load.

In moving forward towards healing, the following are very heart healthy… clean fish oil (helps the blood move/viscosity), lecithin, L-arginine and niacin (all three are vasodilators) and of course antioxidants, such as resveratrol, vitamin C and others. Coconut oil should be taken as well. Much more in the book. If you’re serious about heart health, check it out. The Truth: Claiming Your Birthright to Health.

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Charles understands how the body works.  I’m a professional model and know his body preparation is what I needed to go to the next level.  His techniques for Body Shaping and Toningweight loss, body toning and shaping were unique to any out there today and very easy.  The result in a word, “Outstanding!”.  I highly recommend him for whatever your health issues are.” – Joseph F., Los Angeles CA

Joseph F., Los Angeles CA

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