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Can Type Two Diabetes Be Reversed Naturally?

I’m dealing with Type Two Diabetes and my doctor is thinking about putting me on meds… I’m scared, can you help?Reverse type 2 diabetes naturally

Answer: Diabetes type 1 and 2 are out of control in our country, but rest assured, type two diabetes can be reversed naturally.

How is reversing type 2 diabetes possible?  It is possible because Type 2 Diabetes is typically a disease brought on by the dietary intake of too many carbohydrates and sugars, thus overwhelming pancreatic function. Sufferers of type 2 diabetes make insulin but not enough to keep glucose levels under control. Time and time again, dietary modifications, such as lowering glucose levels and carbohydrate intake lifts the burden and allow the body to do what it does best… heal and bring forth health. Nutrition is a crucial key to success.

Cleaning the blood as well as de-parasatizing are equally important, along with learning how to eat (nourishing the body correctly and minimizing insulin swings). Supplementally, antioxidants are very important, heavy metal detoxers are very important and things such as chromium picolinate and the herb cinnamon, help to sensitize the receptors of the pancreas (islets of langerhans) to do their job properly. It is essential that you arrest any further degradation right now as this could otherwise slip into a very serious and possibly, life threatening situation. Have no worries, your body will heal when you provide an environment for it to do so.

Remember, ‘life is in the blood’. Given the right environment our bodies will heal themselves. I delve into great detail on how to do this in The Truth: Claiming Your Birthright to Health. Blessings of health,

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Joseph F., Los Angeles CA

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