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Charles Wahlheim Leading Health ExpertCharles works with models, athletes and entertainers… He works with blue collar workers, housewives, husbands, students and others of all ages—anyone who is committed to getting healthy, whole and fit. He is passionate about working with those who want real and permanent weight loss, to get fit, or to overcome an ailment where the conventional medical paradigm has failed.

In regard to health as it relates to freedom from disease (type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, dementia, etc), Charles considers it a blessing to be able to help others and their victories bear witness to the protocols CW Model Health utilizes.  Charles come from a large family and his academic pursuit started as a teenager when his brother was diagnosed with type I diabetes and later his mother lost a breast to cancer—the conventional system gave them no real answers. After studying the AMA and their protocols, Charles knew there had to be real answers beyond that and was determined to find them.

Charles’ journey of discovery from that point, to what he now shares with you has been quite a long road,  but he promises you it is something you need to grasp if you or a loved are dealing with a chronic or ‘incurable’ illness. Charles’  pursuit continues to this day in studying only those clinicians whose case studies bare results—and he’s excited to share it all with you. To be clear, this is not about fixing anyone—as Charles, nor any doctor can—this is about the realization that ‘life is in the blood‘ and that we are healthy as our immune system. Charles does not heal anyone—however, he’s been given the wisdom to know how to create an environment for the body to heal itself.

Charles Wahlheim, Leading Health Expert, Athlete, ModelAs stated, simple protocols have been muted and suppressed by a healthcare industry whose marriage to Big Pharma and their fiduciary responsibility to shareholders has become a direct conflict of interest to our wellness. Their model, because of monetary interest is often directed at medicating and masking symptoms and rarely at addressing the root cause. This is good for their financial bottom line but not for the freedom of their patients.

Note From Charles…

“It should be noted, the conventional healthcare system has some truly heroic people in it and unquestionable we have some of the best trauma and specialty surgeons in the world—I applaud them all. It should be noted as well that big Pharma have created some amazing and often times life saving drugs. That said, as a whole, the system has strayed from its original constitution and become perverted to some extent because at the end of the day it is a business driven by profit margins and future earnings—that’s the rub!

I have a license but I don’t identify myself in a particular system because this is way beyond that. Those letters after a name can put you in a box that is often antiquated or in alignment with a system that is incomplete to say the least—we are all pretty aware of that.

Let me be clear, this is about seeing the truth and dismissing the lies in building the complete person. This is about applying what works in real time, in real life. This is about a lifestyle. This is about understanding and love. This is about illuminating and empowering, about laying claim to our birthright of health and claiming what is rightfully ours and responsibility for it.

“LET’S GO!!!”


Charles is a former Academic All American, Deans list student collegiately, as well as a world class athlete and college basketball player. He is 6'5", 230 lbs. He presently resides in the Los Angeles area.


Charles' experience in the athletic, modeling and fitness world gives him a unique perspective on what works and what doesn't in regard to performance, weight loss, diet/nutrition and ultimately, in you having your best body. His research, resume and experience aside, results speak for themselves and the many testimonials bear witness---that is his reward! Your best body is guaranteed with little time investment and great fun.

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