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Charles Wahlheim grew up in a big Family on the beaches of California, the son of a newspaper publisher. He developed into a world class athlete, and as a college basketball player in Colorado was an Academic All-American with degrees in communication and business. An ankle injury transitioned his athletic career to a print career and he became the face, body, and image for dozens of companies from around the world including Harlequin, Daewoo, Puma, Coors, Bally’s, Men’s Fitness, Joop, the award winning Heineken billboard campaigns and magazines such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and Men’s Vogue, to name just a few. Charles is the top-selling calendar cover model in the world. He has also been featured as a principle in numerous commercials, feature films and top ten episodics. Throughout, he has pursued a personal passion to understand health in its wholeness—body, mind, and spirit. Drawing from his personal experiences and extensive academic studies which span all four corners of the world, Charles will soon be releasing his book and audio CD entitled ‘The Truth: Claiming Your Birthright to Health.’Along with that, the release of his groundbreaking health and fitness DVD ‘Charles Wahlheim’s Athletic Body Shaping Workout.’ Plans include a custom vitamin line as well as monthly editorials.That boy from the beach hopes to share love and laughter with the world and a message of health and wellness that will change lives. DOWNLOAD BIO  Contact Me


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