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Claiming Health

Through my career, I’ve traveled the world many times and studied great minds from all four corners getting results way beyond the AMA and the current healthcare model—-doctors and researchers such as Clark, Simoncini, Rubin, Rife and many others. Their research is often narrow and deep, but en masse, are critical legs to the wellness table. Sadly, much of it has been muted by a healthcare system intent on addressing symptoms, rarely if ever addressing the root, because their motives are conflicted. The healthcare model in the west generally answers to shareholders first, profit margins and in some ways to an unholy marriage with the pharmaceutical companies—with it, many simple truths to systemic health have been suppressed. Greed has taken us down a perilous road. That said, I’m not going to heal anyone and in fact no one can. Knowing that the body is majestically designed, what I will do is create an environment for your body to heal itself. That said, it’s time to take what is rightfully ours—our health. It is all here for you… HOPE, UNDERSTANDING, VICTORY… THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!

This is a very simple outline that doesn’t go into all the specifics and details but rather just touches on some fundamentals to give a feel for the starting point. The fundamentals apply to everyone—the details are very case specific.


Cancer, MS, diabetes, Parkinsons, AIDS, heart disease, etc … degenerative disease has become epidemic and is a by-product of immune suppression—there are roots to all of it. I work with some of the hardest cases—often the ones conventional healthcare has given up on. I work at identifying the root cause, clear it from the system then help create an environment for the body to begin to heal itself. Chemo, radiation, pharmacological bombardment (further immune suppression) are counter intuitive and not the answer, the proof is fairly self evident. I do not medicate or mask—the body is designed to heal, the immune designed to fight. I simply free the body to do what it is naturally designed to do. Knowledge is power and can set you free and those in a fight for their life have been blessed by it. The protocols applied are ancient, time tested and true yet sadly muted in conventional healthcare—the reason… follow the money!

Learning how to eat for optimum health. Understanding the foundation of all health… that ‘life is in the blood‘ and the importance of healing the bodies filtering system—liver and kidneys—first and foremost.

We are as healthy as our immune system—up-regulating for maximum vitality and animation.

* We are young as our hormonal panel—resetting that to optimum levels.

Systematically detoxifying and freeing the body of all environmental toxins (benzene, dyes, PCB’s, asbestos and the ubiquitous heavy metals) that so suppress the immune system and allow virulent pathogens (virus’, bacteria, molds, fungus, candida, parasites) to reek their damage.

De-parasatizing—elimination of free loaders that we are all exposed to and that cause so much internal chaos when accessed to the blood stream—done with simple herbs.

Alkalizing and oxygenating the body. Raising the bodies pH for optimum health.

* Specific supplementation, not only to nourish, but to help the body in its detoxification.

* Restoring ideal body weight and fat to muscle ratio. Understanding the really ancient diet that our bodies are designed for so that our bodies will begin to work for us.

Understanding the paradigm of fat cell creation which has nothing to do with caloric intake and the model for losing weight is completely counter to the babble our culture has embraced.

* That degenerative disease—cancer, parkinsons, MS, diabetes, etc., etc., have all come into play, for all intents and purposes in the last two generations. There is a root to every disease and when eliminated the downline symptoms disappear. Knowing those roots and how to eliminate them is the key to wholeness and health!

Knowing that every cell has intelligence and the body in designed to heal itself given the right environment. This is not about medicating and masking, this is about healing. If you or a loved one are dealing with a health issue, illness or disease, contact me, get my book, there is hope! HEALTH COMES BY UNDERSTANDING HOW THE BODY WORKS, AND CREATING THE ENVIRONMENT FOR HEALING. THIS IS ABOUT THE TRUTH!!

* Let me say this… the legs that support the table of health are many and by no means am I arrogant enough to think that I have all the answers. What I can say is that what I share with you is legit and has changed the lives of all who have applied it. You have everything to gain and nothing. If what you doing is working, continue on—if it is not, trust me and step out in faith on this—you’ll never be the same!

Weight Loss


* First and foremost, understanding how the body works in regard to food so that you can have your body work for you. This is not about diet—this is understanding—this is a lifestyle.

Understanding EFA’s (essential fatty acids) and their critical role within the body especially in helping burn up fat stores..

The importance of lower cortisol levels (when elevated plays into the genetic makeup and memory of the body to hold fat) by implementing stress busting techniques and supplementation to nourish the adrenals such as B5 and vitamin C.

* Naturally removing all gallstones from the billiary tubing for greater digestion and healing the liver, gallbladder and G.I. for optimum nutrient absorption and waste removal.

* Calories don’t count—understanding that fat cell creation has nothing to do with caloric intake—that’s a culturally entrenched lie! Learn exactly how fat cells are created, how to burn fat stores, what the glycemic index mean, dangers of insulin spikes (how and why), how Dr. Atkins had it very right and very wrong and much more.

* A workout and detox program designed to kick start and free up your hormonal/endocrine system and raise your GH (growth hormone, the bodies natural fat burner) for you to have your best body.

Working out in a way that completely resets your metabolic thermostat. This is interval training in a specific way—less than 2 hours a week in total and right from home with little equipment—that works with how your body is designed in order to have it work for you.

* If dealing with a weight issue and confused by all the counter-productive, mixed messages and babble out there on this subject in our culture by pseudo –professionals, there is hope and you will win! The starting point is getting my book or contacting by me directly. This is not about calorie counting, discipline or restriction—quite the opposite. This is about a lifestyle that is easy because it taps into the ancient truths and genetic memory of how our body is designed to work. The truth always sets you free.



Training is person specific, depending on one’s objective—be it body sculpting/symmetry/building, sport specific, weight loss or simply toning. Every program is designed specifically to meet each individuals objective.

* Training in a way for maximum GH (growth hormone) release—the bodies fountain of youth.

* Interval training where ‘less is more’. Using plyometrics and other techniques for maximum return on investment and your most athletic looking body.

* Regardless of age, fitness level or experience, a tailored program to up-regulate metabolism, hormonal/endocrine system and put your body in a muscle toning, fat burning state.

* Reshaping your body not only through the workout but more imperatively through a healthier and younger hormonal panel that continues to reshape your body the other 23 1/2 hours a day that you are not working out. This is the greatest benefit because ultimately you are as young as your hormonal panel.



* The ancient proverb… ‘food should be our medicine and medicine our food‘ is as true today as ever. The food industry has created so many traps to perpetuate an obese culture. It is a crime against humanity and our culture has drank their koolaid.

* In a sea of lies, I share the truth about how to fuel the body properly for energy, youthfulness and the ideal fat to muscle ratio (BMI—body mass index). When you feed your body right it will begin to work for you in ways only dreamed of.

* This lifestyle of how to eat is ancient, divine, time tested and so simple and yet has been muted to a great extent by our government, big Pharma and the food industry because the sick and overweight financially feed the healthcare monster, that ultimately answers to share holders and not to patrons.

* My protocol is not about calorie counting, restriction, self discipline or fighting upstream in an endless fight—quite the opposite. This is simple and easy and results are a natural by-product because it works with how the body is designed—playing into the genetic makeup and memory of how we’re made.

* Supplementation is about giving your body and mind an extra bump in areas of particular need be it to help lower cortisol in the fat loss game, up-regulate immunity, growth hormone release, muscle building, etc.

* Especially important in the supplementation game are those things that help the body detox from all the environmental toxins (heavy metals, PCB’s, asbestos, dyes, benzene, etc) that are so suppressing immunity and allowing virulent pathogens (bacteria, virus’, molds, candida, parasites, etc.) to live ‘la vida loca’ and cause their mayhem. Knowing how to detox is critical for homeostasis and health.

* Health is our birthright which we have surrendered and handed over to conventional healthcare with conflicted interests rendering poor results. We must look at prevention first, addressing root causes and create the environment for our body to do what it does best… heal. TAKE BACK WHAT IS YOURS AND LIVE ABUNDANTLY… IT’S TIME!

Mind and Spirit


* Look, none of us have this thing called life fully figured out, it is an ongoing process for all of us. That said, we’re only as good as what we’ve been taught and because of my life experiences, teachers, travels and understanding, sharing lessons learned and that wisdom is a blessing on this journey and experience we call life.

* There are no dress rehearsals in life so it is important to grasp that complete health is a three stand cord of body, mind and spirit and one is indivisible from the other.

* When we re-program the software (our mind) that drives the hard drive (our bodies) from the lies and fully absorb the truth, we potentiate all God has for us. We, brick by brick, step by step build a bridge into the future we desire. It’s arrival, more joyous and rewarding than we have ever dreamed of. The principles to this place are many but simple and sharing a must—each one teaching one.

* Understanding brings the love, claim your life now, it is your to take, create and fulfill.

The results… walking in peace, fearlessness and victory… your uncommon dream.

Athletic Training


* For those interested in greater performance on the field, pitch, diamond, court or whatever the sport may be, I’ve created the Dream Maker Series.

* The Dream Maker Series focuses on training, development, diet, and nutrition for your specific sport.

* As a top level athlete my whole life and having worked with many, this is very close to my heart. Whether an established athlete looking for refinement or a ten year old middle schooler wanting to excel athletically, this is where you get your edge.

* Results are guaranteed and quantifiable through 40 yard dash times, vertical leaps, broad jump, hand/eye coordination, body fat percentage, etc.

* This is about more than just running fast and jumping high but about bringing out the inner athlete that resides in all of us.


* The techniques I use were developed in the U.S. and Russia for fast twitch muscle response utilized by the best athletes in the world—sprinters, basketball players, volleyball players, etc. This is for adults and children.

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