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Success Stories and Acclaim For Charles’ Book,  ‘The Truth, Claiming Your Birthright to Health’

The book reviews are in from Amazon and abroad.  Check out what readers have to say…

“Changed My Life!!!”  By Marcus W. 

“I read it over and over again for guideline and a boost of motivation. So true. Really Love it!!!”

A Very Enlightening Book!” By Jeff H., Seattle, WA

“Mr. Wahlheim has done humanity a great service with this book. I was aware of some of the stuff he goes over, but the stuff I WASN’T aware of was quite frankly shocking. I will use this book as my personal guide to getting myself into better shape on all fronts, and I’m happy to recommend this book to others who wish to turn their lives around for better health in mind, body, and spirit. Great job and God bless you Charles for this highly informative book.”

“Great Information” By Leslie N., California

“This is a book everyone should read. Charles Wahlheim gives great information and tips to stay healthy!! There is important information about vitamins, food, exercise and many other important tips.”

“This Book Is A Must If You Want To Live A Happy Healthy Life.” By Caroline 

“Where do I start this book is a must if you want to live a happy healthy life. It has a wealth of information that really gets you through daily living and explains what is good and what is bad for us, when I have any problems I go back to read this book and I find the answers to my problems, it really is the Truth. I thought I knew a lot about health, food, etc until I read this book, I couldn’t lose weight and became very frustrated, I tried everything, then I got this book and came down 2 dress sizes within a few weeks which I was so happy about, finding out that eating the wrong types of fat can interfere with losing weight amongst other things was new to me. There is so much more than just losing weight, it’s about life style, what affects our daily living, what causes disease, pollution and so much more. You will not be disappointed with this book; it has so much to give for everyone.”

“A Must Read” By KV

“This book actually gets to the root causes of all disease. Once you understand that, you will realize that miracle cures are not necessary; drugs are not necessary; radiation is not necessary. You will also understand that the municipal water we drink, the household products that we use on our bodies, the mercury in our mouths, and the garbage fast food that we consume are all to blame for our current health crisis. Degenerative diseases were virtually non-existent 100 years ago. Now more than 1/2 the population will die from degenerative diseases. Charles provides a roadmap back to health: not only with what to consume, but also how to rid your body of those toxins (read: heavy metals) that we are exposed to everyday. The intriguing issue here is that Charles doesn’t hold a license from the AMA so he has nothing to loose by exposing the truth. On a side-note, the book needs a 2nd edition as the first one is poorly edited, but please don’t let that get in the way of absorbing some truly groundbreaking information.”

“The Truth Everyone Needs To Know!!!” By Curtis

“Honestly, I don’t know where to start… This book is PERFECTION, because The Truth is Perfect no matter who likes it, hates it, mocks it or believes it. The Truth is just that… the Truth. It doesn’t change, grow, transform or fail… And that’s what this book is in absolution… It’s uninhibited, eternal and not relative… It stands on it’s own.

I could write a book on how the Truth spoken in this book has and still is changing my life. Do what I have done and stop lying to yourself about your health. READ this book and submit to it… You will change; your life will change because of it.

I challenge you to read the first chapter… Review it here on Amazon… You won’t be able to let go of this and the desire to know more. Charles Wahlheim teaches, exposes, explains and delivers in this book… And you will be delivered from the lies, the deception, the status quo that we’ve all been taught, told and inundated with for several generations.

Start living your life the way your body was created to live without interference… Charles teaches you to put your body in the environment internally and externally to heal, to succeed, to triumph and to live life to it’s fullest. Thank you Mr. Wahlheim for taking the time to write this book… It is a true LIFE-changing experience reading it. Many blessings on you sir.”


“Reversing Disease Naturally is Possible!!! This Book Rocked My World!” By Louise S., NY

“What can I say? This is absolutely, positively, hands-down, THE BEST book on overcoming illness and gaining health naturally! By far, this book has had the greatest impact on my physical and spiritual health. Charles Wahlheim is a certifiable genius in his own right!

For 8 years +, I’ve battled a plethora of diseases & afflictions, read hundreds of books and websites, been to scores of doctors (over 60+, none of which could really help me) underwent numerous procedures & surgeries and spent countless days in bed too fatigued & weak to make my impact on the world. This wasting away was the most frustrating experience of my life. I knew I was purposed to edify and empower others, but just didn’t have the energy to overcome sickness (let alone save the planet!). I was depressed, at times suicidal and after so many years of dealing with it, had pretty much given up hope…

I put up a good front on the outside, but inside I was desperately trying to keep it together and reclaim my health. I tried everything I could and even though I made some small improvements, I wasn’t making any major breakthroughs. I spent my entire life savings on holistic doctors that didn’t take insurance, but none of them helped either. What I needed was a miracle…

Then Charles came into my life and I read this AMAZING BOOK… With one sentence he blew my mind away and I got a full revelation that health was within reach. He writes, “Life is in the blood and given the right environment our bodies will heal themselves.” BAM! That was earth shattering information for me …so simple yet so profound. With one sentence Charles restored my hope for a brighter future and strengthened my resolve to kick illness to the curb and recover my vitality.

Since his story of heavy metal poisoning was so similar to mine, I researched Charles and his company CW Model Health and decided to hire him to be my Health Coach. He immediately put me to work at cleaning up my blood by cleaning out the organs. Sounds a little strange perhaps, but let me tell you, THIS MAN SAVED MY LIFE!!! And I’m so unbelievably grateful to have him as a coach and to have access to this intelligent author is a Godsend.

I started 2012 in the hospital, extremely ill & weak after hemorrhaging profusely, so ashamed and embarrassed that I was sick and not living my purpose full out. Now it’s almost a year later, and I am stronger than I’ve been in a decade! Each day I get stronger and healthier and I don’t take one single second of life for granted. All thanks to Charles, this INCREDIBLE BOOK, his coaching, and his workout DVD.

On top of this, Charles’ gift of ministry and the Mind/Spirit chapter has helped me to renew my faith and relationship with God. These days I feel a great source of peace no matter what is going on around me. I feel close to God, pray more, go to church more, sing, smile and praise more. The Lord is good to me and life is truly amazing!

So Coach Charles, thank you from the bottom of my heart for rocking my world, first by saving my life and then by reigniting my spirit with a renewed sense of passion, purpose, love and victory. You are such a blessing to me and I am eternally grateful.

And to all the readers out there…if you or someone you know needs help battling cancer, chronic fatigue, Type II diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or any degenerative disease, GET THIS BOOK TODAY!!!”




Success Stories and Acclaim for 'The Truth'

Success Stories

Weight Loss, Body Shaping & Toning Success!


Charles understands how the body works.  I’m a professional model and know his body preparation is what I needed to go to the next level.  His techniques for Body Shaping and Toningweight loss, body toning and shaping were unique to any out there today and very easy.  The result in a word, “Outstanding!”.  I highly recommend him for whatever your health issues are.” – Joseph F., Los Angeles CA

Joseph F., Los Angeles CA

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