Charles Wahlheim - Health and fitness expert

Cici, United Kingdom

Chronic Illness Relieved “I had suffered with chronic illness for 16 years and had many symptoms to deal with over the years, not sure of the root cause. As a last resort, I decided to try an alternative approach to improve my health since orthodox medicine had failed me and I was feeling quite low. […]

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Sandra Beatty, Chicago, Illinois

Significant Weight Loss & Lifestyle Change “I had resolved upon meeting Charles Wahlheim that this would finally become a lifestyle that others I knew and worked with the daily. I had many obstacles overcome and work through overreach science it was significant weight loss and reeducation. The accolades for Charles patience love and understanding besides […]

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Patricia R., Deventer, OV, The Netherlands

Peace and Strength Regained I had been through a great ordeal personally which gave me a lot of pain in my body. That’s why I was looking for somebody to help me find my strength and peace back within myself. Through the internet I met Charles. In an amazing talented way he knew how to […]

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